Book Love Foundation Summer Book Club Frequently Asked Questions


I am confused about the different options - which one is right for me?   

    • Online Content Only ($60): Pick this option if you want to purchase your own books and just access the online content. With this option, you will not receive any shipment from us, including Book Love swag.
    • Book Love Swag with Online Content Only ($95): Pick this option if you want to purchase your own books and just access the online content. With this option, you will not get any books from us but will receive Book Love swag.
    • Elementary School OR Middle & High School Selection ($140): Pick this option if you want to purchase books and swag from the Book Love Foundation. Make sure you select the appropriate group - Elementary School or Middle/High School.
    • Elementary AND Middle/High School Selection ($190): Pick this option if you want to purchase books for both Elementary and Middle/High school selections. With this option, you will get 8 books and one set of swags.

    Still confused? Check out comparison table at

    When will books be shipped?  (This applies to book & swag orders only!!!)  One of the items is on back order so books & swag will ship starting April 30, 2021. Once the order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information. If you have concerns about your ability to receive these shipments, we recommend that you purchase Online Content Only option for $60.

    I participated last year – can I just renew my membership?   We do not have a renewal option. Each year’s registration is completely separate and distinct from the previous year. This prevents address errors, billing errors, etc.

    Online Content:  

    How do I access online discussion and Live interviews?  Once you have registered for the 2021 Summer Book Club by purchasing one of the club options, you can request to join the group at Please make sure you answer the question when requesting to join so we can verify your identity with a valid registration (often participants don’t use the same name on Facebook as they may have used when registering).

    From within the Facebook group, you can find discussion threads for each of the books under the “Guides” tab located below the cover photo. Participate in the discussions by selecting the book you are interested in. If you miss any of the FB Live interviews, you can find them archived under the “Media/Video” tab.

    Is Facebook the only option for online discussions - have your considered any other platform?   Yes, our online contents and discussions are hosted on Facebook group page only. We continue to research and review other platforms for online discussions and found that Facebook with its social learning guides provide the best format, making it easier for participants to locate and access discussion topics. However, we do understand some of you are reluctant to join Facebook and we hope to be transitioning to another platform by 2022.

    What is the schedule for the book discussions?

    Middle & High School Selections
    Jun 28 - Jul 2          King And The Dragonflies
    Jul 5 - Jul 9             Kindred
    Jul 12 - Jul 16         Counting Descent
    Jul 19 - Jul 30         The Black Friend

    Elementary School Selections
    Jun 28 - Jul 2         We Are Water Protectors
    Jul 5 - Jul 9            No Voice Too Small
    Jul 12 - Jul 23        When Stars Are Scattered
    Jul 26 - Jul 30        Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away

    What is the schedule for Facebook Live interviews?  The schedule of interviews is constantly being updated as we add more speakers. You can find the latest schedule by clicking on our website at

    I participated last year – what will happen to my access to the Facebook group page?   If you were a member of 2020 Summer Book Clubs, you will continue to have full access to 2020 Summer Book Club Facebook group page through end of the summer. At the end of summer 2021, previous Summer Book Club Facebook group pages (2020 – 2018) will be closed to all new discussions but you can still access it to see existing posts.

    Professional Development Credit:

    Some participants may want to obtain professional development credit for their participation in the Summer Book Club, and may be able to have their fee paid for by their school.  Information about the Club from a PD perspective may be found here. At the end of the summer, we will provide a certificate to participants to submit for PD credit. Since everyone dedicates different amounts of time to the Book Club, we leave that part blank and ask the participant to fill that in based upon their own individual involvement. 
    More Questions?   Email us at